747 Airport Cars Ltd

1. Clarks Airport Transfers are owned by the 747Cars group of companies. We hire passenger vehicles to customers under the following terms and conditions, for all pre-booked journeys.

2. When you contact 747Cars, we will provide you with a quote, based on all information provided by the customer. Should further additional information be needed, we will contact the customer as soon as possible and take those details and revise our quote accordingly.

3. All payments are to be paid by bank transfer, payment link, or PayPal before the dates of travel. We do offer account facilities to business and corporate customers.

4. 747Cars does not accept Cash or Cheque payments unless agreed by the company.

5. For any trip made on Christmas Day or New Years Day, a rate double to our standard charge will be applied. On Boxing Day, a rate one and a half times our standard charge will apply.

6. A car seat or booster seat must be provided by the customer where applicable, and if this is for a return trip, we will store the car or booster seat and bring it back for the return leg. There is no charge for this service.

7. Should the vehicle become soiled due to passenger sickness, an additional £90.00 will be payable at the destination point to cover the cost of the cleaning of the vehicle.

8. Should the customer make any changes to the original journey specifications, such as additional passenger pick-ups/drop-off or extra waiting time, 747Cars reserve the right to levy additional charges to the originally quoted cost of the journey where it is deemed reasonable to do so.

9. 747Cars reserve the right to add an additional £5.00 per 15 minutes waiting time charge. This will become operative should the customer contact the driver, or the company, and inform them of a later flight arrival time due to flight cancellations or delay, and the driver has already arrived at the airport to collect the customer from the arranged flight. In addition, where a flight has landed, waiting time can be added if the customer is not with the driver one hour after the flight has arrived at the terminal stand. In such cases, waiting time will be charged at the rate of £5.00 per 15 minutes, and car parking over the minimum Airport rate will also be charged.

10. 747Cars will endeavor to accommodate all late arrivals for customers arriving on a flight landing within a 3-hour period later than originally booked, and will inform the customer of any changes to their booking regarding driver details, etc., if and when necessary.

11. Should the customer contact the company with a flight arrival later than 3 hours after their original arrival time, 747Cars will classify this as the customer’s intent to cancel the original booking and to rebook for a later time. This will mean that the original payment will be payable as a cancellation charge, and a new booking will be taken. In most cases where the cancellation has been due to the fault of the airline, customers will be able to reclaim the original booking charge under the airline compensation scheme.

12. Should any customer’s behavior pose a threat to the driver, themselves, or anyone else, through the consumption of alcohol or drugs, 747Cars reserves the right to refuse entry to the vehicle.

13. All 747Cars vehicles carry a strict No Smoking policy.

14. 747Cars reserves the right to refuse refunds for any confirmed bookings where less than 24 hours’ notice from the time of pickup is given. All requests for refunds will be treated on a case-by-case basis. All bookings that are not canceled with 24 hours’ notice are payable in full.

15. Upon booking your journey with 747Cars, you are deemed to have accepted our Terms and Conditions set out above. On accepting these Terms and Conditions, your statutory rights will not be affected under the Laws of England and Wales.

747Cars Cancellation Policy (Updated October 2023)